Guest Post: Mark Ewanchuk.

Today I am pleased to present a Guest Post from none other than the incomparable (and my good friend), Mark Ewanchuk.

Mark has unfortunately fallen on hard times ever since shuttering IfTimeStoodStill Industries (purportedly as an act of conscience, or protest… or something like that).  Ever since, he has been trying to climb out of the giant hole of irrelevance that he dug himself in.

However, we may have a breakthrough moment here.

Mark writes:

I’ve been working on this for a bit:

It’s a side-profile of you…obviously.




Yes, well obviously it is a side-profile of me, Mark.

I love it. 

Get well, my friend.




3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Mark Ewanchuk.

  1. mewanchuk says:


    FYI–I do custom pieces…you supply the beans.


  2. Andrew Gemmell says:

    Speechless! Where can we buy the print? Mark don’t shut down the empire…..there are a lot more film cameras and films to try out there….and your family has a lot of growing to do!

  3. I’m looking forward to Mark’s comeback. Maybe he should consider an Arriflex 435 as his next camera. Imagine taking that thing to Hawaii. ‘Analog Vacation at 24fps’. (Come on, Mark, entertain us!).

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