That harasser/troll…

…sent me a message from this location in Montreal earlier today:

(please click on the image to see every last detail)

He/she is becoming more and more cowardly with respect to the location of his/her activity (although he/she obviously lives in Montreal and has family he/she visits in Serbia — please note his previous location).

It’s really a Nenad Bojic situation.

I am documenting this stuff so that it’s on the internet… the internet never forgets.



3 thoughts on “That harasser/troll…

  1. Marc says:

    Peter, this has nothing to do with your recent posts but I thought your readership might want to know. A Leica Black M10 , serial # 5253955 was stolen a few days ago from the UPS processing center at Newbury CA. I had purchased this camera and sent it back as I wanted to trade for the M10p. This was to be my last new camera as age and marginal health so dictates. Beware!!

    • Marc, sorry to hear about that. Was it insured?

      In any case, I’ll certainly keep an eye out for it, and I hope others do too.

      • Marc says:

        No—-big mistake. I have been using UPS many years and never had a problem. In retrospect I wish I had. Fortunately my homeowners will pay all but my $1,000 deductible. Just hate thinking someone who may not know a f stop from a bus stop has it.

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