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People often ask me why I always go back to the Voigtländer Nokton 40mm f/1.4.

This is why.



The Angel and the Devil.

The eternal struggle.

My daughter:  “I think you’re more on the devil side.

My other daughter:  “This is probably my favourite post.


Peter Prosophos - Angel and Devil

Prosophos Home-Made Pizza Dough.

My promise to you — as part of your free membership to this site — is that I’ll continue to work hard to stretch your zero dollars.

So from now on, I will not only be doing my best to answer your questions, but I’ll also be sharing my famous home-made pizza dough with you, the viewer, via iPhone images.

That’s right, images of my very own home-made pizza dough shared with you — online.

While other Canadian photo-bloggers claim to provide you with value for your hard-earned zero dollars, I’m the only Canadian photo-blogger sharing authentic home-made pizza dough with you.

And what is better than home made pizza (dough)?

“Pizza dough for zero dough.”

That’s my promise.


Prosophos Pizza



I say the silliest things to her…

On another note, the artificial and mixed back-lighting, and the reflections off the red walls, in this scene are very challenging.  Yet, with the proper pre-processing (a term I believe I coined) and post-processing, the technical issues are mostly overcome.

I know that there will be a few individuals who will insist that I should have used flash, but I vehemently disagree:  the spontaneity and ambiance would have been lost.

I’d feel differently if I was trying to produce a formal portrait — but I wasn’t.



The Neptune Duo smart watch.

Neptune Duo

Warning:  This has nothing to do with photography, but I love good ideas.

The nascent smart watch industry has just been turned upside down by a 20 year old from Montreal.  In Simon Tian‘s world, the watch is the central hub, and the “pocket screen” is just a blank interface.

I don’t know how well his smart watch will work, but I believe he has conceptually bested the likes of Google and Apple.

Check out the Neptune Duo.


The slow death of photography in public spaces.

At least in Toronto: see here.

(apparently it’s been in the books since 2001)


The iGeneration (re-worked filmic look).

Thinking out-loud/on-line, and sharing one of my edits.

Generally speaking, I dislike making digital look like film.  If that was my goal, I’d just shoot film.

However, in light of the comment(s) that followed the first version of this image, I’m curious to know how this version is received.  In addition to not-so-subtly adding grain, I subtly played with the contrast (both local and global).  The end result is less perfect, but possibly more aesthetically pleasing.

You tell me.


The iGeneration (re-worked filmic look)

Hello Leica! …500 calling you for CCD.

500 Signatures for CCD Open Letter to Leica

Hello Leica,

500 passionate photographers, enthusiasts, and artists are calling you for an updated CCD sensor in a future Leica M camera.  

We hope you are listening!

(If you haven’t already done so, please read and sign My Open Letter to Leica.)



Just your typical Sunday afternoon in Toronto (in February).

This shot required the removal of my gloves… and I paid for it (I was not made for Canadian winters).

But it was worth it.



So a funny thing happened to me…

… when I started a thread about  My Open Letter to Leica in the Leica User Forum.

And yes, I violated Rule #8 of My Photography Truths again.

On a related note, let’s re-visit this previous post (just for fun).


Sweet Honey.

I’m slowly refining my processing of Sigma Merrill files.


Sweet Honey

400 photographers agree: we love CCD!

400 Signatures Letter to Leica copy

The world’s longest-running (and most intense)  Open Letter to Leica has reached a milestone:

400 signatures!

It’s true, 400 photographers, enthusiasts, and artists agree:  we love CCD!

Specifically, we believe that the CCD sensor — at base ISO — offers superior image quality.

We also believe that an updated CCD sensor in a future Leica M camera would be in keeping with Leica‘s philosophy of providing out-of-the-mainstream elegant yet powerful photographic tools for discerning photographers.

So help keep the pursuit of high image quality alive by allowing CCD to develop and thrive.

Keep the momentum going!  Encourage others to PLEASE SIGN THIS LETTER.


Snow Bunny.

I’m quickly learning how to process Sigma DP3 Merrill files.

For example, I’m constantly resisting the temptation to apply sharpening, since the images have an abundance of sharpness and micro-contrast (two qualities that are not necessarily flattering for portraits).

Yet, this particular image proves one thing:  it is possible to post-process DP3 files to produce a sharp and smooth portrait.

Oh, and the tonality possible with the Foveon sensor… wow.


Snow Bunny

Sigma DP3 Merrrill:  1/15 sec (hand-held, but braced), f/2.8, ISO 200.

Paranoid Android.

This literally represents Test Shot #1 from my Sigma DP3 Merrill.

It arrived yesterday.

I charged the battery up, and fired some shots without even glancing at the manual or camera settings.

I’ve already decided whether I like the DP3.

(I do)


Paranoid Android


Winter Solace.

Cozy and hidden from the cold.

On another note, if there’s a better way to digitally record such Life’s Little Moments, then I’d like to know.

As it stands, the Kodak CCD inside the Leica M9/M-E remains my sensor of choice.

Won’t you please sign My Open Letter to Leica, if you haven’t already done so?


Winter Solace

Sigma Love-Apalooza on Planet Earth.

This is an example of the image output from the original Sigma DP series camera, the DP1:

(28mm equiv, F4 lens)


The DP1 was an excruciatingly slow compact camera, but it helped me capture one of my favourite images, Planet Earth:


The camera and software from Sigma were both challenged (and continue to be), so much so that I never purchased any of the subsequent DP offerings.  Still, the image quality from the Fovean sensor has always called out to me, like a Sirens’ song

The Siren that’s been singing the sweetest song over the past 18 months: the DP3.




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