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Go Blue Jays, Go!

As I post this, they’ve won their 10th game in a row and are in first place in their division.

The last time Toronto was this excited about baseball was in 1992 and 1993, when the Jays won back-to-back World Series titles.


Go Blue Jays, Go!

Mortal Combat.

This happens on Toronto streets all the time.


Mortal Combat

Taking a break.

During our evening walk.

This image was taken as a test shot.

In all the years I’ve photographed, there’s only been one lens I regretted selling (and I’ve bought and sold many!).

It’s this one.

It’s not exotic and it’s not fancy, but I regretted selling it the moment I did.

I finally have it again.

(Before anybody asks:  My apologies, but I’m not telling… I want to try it out on film as well.)


Taking a break

Night Moves.

Title inspired by Bob Seger’s song.


Night Moves


From last night’s Victoria Day festivities.



Only Scars.

“The sun so bright it leaves no shadows, only scars…”

—U2, One Tree Hill.

Only Scars 1

Only Scars 2

Only Scars 3

Hold on (to this feeling).

Hold on (to this feeling)

And four years ago:

Recognize this moment.

Chalk Messages for Santa, closer.

Photographically speaking, I live for these moments:

The out-of-focus man in the background, in his positioning, is mirroring our foreground chalk messenger.

In actuality, he was reaching down to pick up a fallen football.

As I saw the scene unfold, I shifted myself slightly to the left, in an attempt to “fill” the photographic frame by expanding the spacing between the two subjects.  This further enhanced the image by creating a more pleasing composition.

(In the past, I’ve discussed the importance of filling the photographic frame — see here, here, and here.)

The actual mirroring of his posture, though he was engaged in a completely different activity from our little chalk messenger, is the sort of happenstance occurrence that a photography geek like myself is thrilled to capture.

A second later, he stood.  The moment had passed.


Chalk messages for Santa, closer


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