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My Experience with the Mamiya RZ67.

Prosophos Exeprience with the Mamiya RZ67

For those who haven’t seen it, I wrote about my experience with the Mamiya RZ67 and SteveHuffPhoto published it earlier this week.

(thanks Steve)



Lens Reports.

I’ve re-instituted some of my Lens Reports from a few years back.

They can be found on the “Instruction” page of this website (see above), but I’m also posting the links below for your convenience:


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First Snow Fall.

…and she might be excited about it.

How things change over just a few hours.

The snow came just under the wire for 2015.


First Snow Fall

Guess what arrived today?

Directly from Japan… the Minolta Autocord.

It is beautiful, just beautiful.

Now, how to work this?


Prosophos - Minolta Autocord Arrives














State of the musings.

(or, Gear Update 2016).

At this time each year, moments of photographic doubt seem to plague me — doubt about the work I’ve produced, and doubt about the gear I’m using,

The annual condition is not so much secondary to the realization that yet another year has slipped by, and therefore the “frames” of our existence have measurably diminished (though this too carries a great weight).

No, it’s more to do with the winters here:  the lack of light and warmth tend to encourage an introspective existence.  And when a photographer does a considerable amount of thinking (and not much photographing), it usually leads to trouble.

So, here’s the trouble I’ve gotten myself into.

I made the decision to walk away from my Leica gear.  All of it.  This was, in fact, decided last month.

I made the decision to pick up a Nikon D810, and photograph with Sigma 35m f/1.4 Art and (Edit December 29, 2014:) Nikon 85mm f/1.4G Sigma 50mm Art lenses.

I made the decision to stay with film — the only photographic medium that matters (my opinion of course… but I’m right and you know it).  To see this through, I’ve decided on a Minolta Autocord as my “walk around” camera.  I’m waiting for it to arrive.  I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Finally, I made the decision to return to the mighty Mamiya RZ67+110/2.8, the best portrait-producing combination I’ve ever used.  Why did I sell it?  You’d have to ask somebody who knows.  I no longer have the RZ67, but I will.

So there.

Prosophos Cameras and Lenses 2016

Edit (December 29, 2015):  The Nikon 85/1.4G has been replaced with the Sigma 50/1.4 Art and the image above has been updated to reflect this change.  The Minolta Autocord arrived not functioning, so it has been sent for CLA.



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