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There is fungus among us.

Mamiya RZ 110_2.8

My newly-acquired Mamiya-Sekor Z 110mm f/2.8, which was used to take these recently posted images here, here, and here, has fungus in it.

A lot of fungus.

It was described as “mint” by the seller in Japan.

To his credit, he has sent me a replacement lens.  It’s not quite as nice cosmetically, but the glass is clean (other than dust, which all of these Mamiya RZ lenses seem to attract in great quantity).

Yet, I wonder if I should keep and pay for the eukaryotic-exotic first lens?

It seems to perform spectacularly.

Myco-graphy anyone?


Queen Clean.

After the shower.

(test shot #3 of 10, roll #1)


Queen Clean


…but still willing to pose for a test shot.

(test shot #9 of 10, roll #1)



The Beast is Back.

And I’m not talking about our dog, Honey.

(test shot #10 of 10, roll #1)


The Beast is Back

The Chip Maneuver.

In between innings.

Notice the hand-eye coordination.


The Chip Maneuver

Mr. Baseball.

The local hero.

Mr. Baseball

Go Blue Jays, Go!

As I post this, they’ve won their 10th game in a row and are in first place in their division.

The last time Toronto was this excited about baseball was in 1992 and 1993, when the Jays won back-to-back World Series titles.


Go Blue Jays, Go!

Happy 10th Birthday, C!

May your life bring you many more smiles. Happy 10th Birthday, C!


On the beach.



Broadcasting will resume shortly.



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