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Not so wicked.

Happy Halloween!


Not So Wicked

Spiritus Mundi.

“How body from spirit slowly does unwind, until we are pure spirit at the end.”

―Theodore Roethke

Spiritus Mundi

Your photographs.

Your photographs say more about the world inside your head than they do about the world outside of it.



“And as the world was turning
It rolled itself in pain

You will see light in the darkness
You will make some sense of this…

—The Police, Secret Journey.



For those of you looking for a little break from the B&W film posts, I now present some CCD colour.



Whatever happened to this (rumour)?

Is there any hope for this ever materializing?

(I wait… but not so patiently ;) )


Birth of the Cool, Part 4.

Birth of the Cool, Part 4

All my B&W images are developed at home using my easy film developing process.

Birth of the Cool, Part 3.

Birth of the Cool, Part 3

All my B&W images are developed at home using my easy film developing process.

My wife, the “cover girl”.

I found out from Getty Images today that another of my images was licensed, this time for a French book:

Getty lexercice-de-la-medecine-700

For all of us obsessing about Leica lenses, it is worth noting this image was taken with a Voigtländer.



Nikon, Pentax, Sony.

Nikon, Pentax, Sony

I had an opportunity to handle a Nikon D810, a Pentax 645Z, and a Sony A7RII yesterday.

Previously, I’ve owned a D800E, a 645D, and an A7s, so I was familiar — in a general sense — with each manufacturer’s offerings.

Ultimately, I had abandoned all of those last generation models, for one reason or another.

Care to guess which one of the latest generation offerings I found the most desirable?  The least?


The new Leica SL (Sony-Like).

Leica SL

Ouch.  This might actually kill the company.

Is there anybody left at Leica doing “reality checks” during company meetings?


Pure — Joy.

Mamiya RZ67 Pro II + 110/2.8 @ f/4 + ND filter + Kodak Tri-X 400 + cute model again.

(Related:  Pure — Tenderness)


Pure - Joy


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