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Nick Devlin’s Photo Exhibition.

My good friend Nick Devlin will be exhibiting his work at the Pikto Gallery in Toronto later this month.

I’ve seen some of the prints and they are spectacular – well worth checking out.


Nick Devlin Photo Exhibition


  1. Leica announced today that the new generation M9(P)/M-E CCD sensors are ready.  Good news for those affected by the dreaded corrosion issue.  Good news also for those of us who are hanging on to our M9(P)/M-E cameras.
  2. By now, most of you are aware of the new Sony A7RII:Sony A7RII

For many reasons, I should be jumping on this camera.

Strangely, I’m not even remotely interested.

Am I:

  • getting old?
  • happy with what I have?
  • becoming more and more an admirer of film?
  • all of the above?


Courtesy of my Wife.

We went to a wedding yesterday, and my wife took this image.

(It’s not often I have proof that I am a part of these wonderful kids’ lives :) )

Incidentally, the camera used was a first generation Sony RX100 and after all of these years, I am still pleasantly surprised by the output of this small (and small sensor) camera.  Compared to my Leica M9 images – in this light – you’d be hard-pressed to discern the difference at web-size output, unless you were looking for differences in depth of field.  The M9 files are more robust with respect to post-processing, but that’s certainly expected.


Courtesy of my Wife

There is fungus among us.

Mamiya RZ 110_2.8

My newly-acquired Mamiya-Sekor Z 110mm f/2.8, which was used to take these recently posted images here, here, and here, has fungus in it.

A lot of fungus.

It was described as “mint” by the seller in Japan.

To his credit, he has sent me a replacement lens.  It’s not quite as nice cosmetically, but the glass is clean (other than dust, which all of these Mamiya RZ lenses seem to attract in great quantity).

Yet, I wonder if I should keep and pay for the eukaryotic-exotic first lens?

It seems to perform spectacularly.

Myco-graphy anyone?


Queen Clean.

After the shower.

(test shot #3 of 10, roll #1)


Queen Clean


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