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A Christmas Scene.

At least, in our house.

Taken a few moments ago.

(Technical: f/6.3 | 1/250 | ISO 640)


A Christmas Scene

Decorating the Christmas Tree.

‘Tis the season.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

The Parade.

Before anybody raises skin tone colour concerns, please be aware that she is wearing make-up.


The Parade


This image was taken at the same time as all of my other recently posted images, before I realized that my 58/1.4 lens was front-focusing.

The intended focus here was the near eye, but the actual focus ended up being on the front of the hat.

Still, I like this image.

(Andreas: the background buildings are the same yellow-ish buildings :) )




Thank goodness for Nikon’s AF fine-tuning.

Nikon AF Fine-Tuning Prosophos

I fine-tuned the focusing on my 58/1.4 lens this evening.

As I suspected, it was off.

I suppose I could be annoyed that it needed a “+15” adjustment, but I’m mostly relieved that it can be corrected easily.

[Edit (November 21):  Upon further testing – in daylight :) – it turns out I need to make a +18 adjustment!]



Fleeting expressions like this are rarely seen with our eyes but always perceived by our subconscious.

Photography has the power to suspend such moments for our leisurely contemplation.

It’s one of the qualities of this obsessive pursuit that I enjoy.



Police Man.

A 70s vibe to this officer.


Police Man

These Boots…

…are made for walking.

(it’s difficult to make a dog pose mid-step, but I do my best to bring you the best dog-in-booties images)


These Boots

The Police.

A little motion-emotion.

(Technical:  1/30 | f/16 | ISO 64)


The Police

Life’s Little Moments™, Reloaded.

Introducing the Nikon D810.

New camera, same outlook.

(Onward and upward.)

Oh yes — the lens.

Another time.

I’ll discuss.



Life's Little Moments, Reloaded

Arte di mano case for the D810.

What would that look like?




“We live as we dream—alone….”

—Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness.


The Nikon D810 sensor is…


I did an outdoor photo shoot for a family today.

The colours, textures, and even look that I am able to extract from the D810 remind me of what I was getting with my Mamiya 7 +Kodak Portra 400 film.


Feature rich.

I just set the date and time (on the camera), but somehow managed to take 200 images of a running dog catching a frisbee.  Yet my lens cap was still on!  All of these features…


The King is Dead.

Long live the King.


The King is Dead


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